Friday, March 11, 2011

Mark E Quark - Food, 1992

Here it is, my most requested tape ever! This was released not too long after I played the first & now legendary Narnia party. Funny background story - I was never officially booked to play the first Narnia party but I was told I could play if Doc Martin was a no show. Guess what? Doc never showed up. Thanks Doc! I went on after Michael Cook right at sunrise and I played much of the music that is featured on this tape. From that point I would be booked as the "sunrise dj" for many years to come. Remastered from a first generation copy & uploaded for your listening pleasure. Cover design & layout by Jonathan Wells of Statik & myself.

Mark E Quark - Food, 1992 - Side 1*Download*

Mark E Quark - Food, 1992 - Side 2 *Download*

Mark E Quark - Happy Magick, 1994

This is one of my personal favorites from the Quark-ive. I recorded this sometime in 1994 and it is chock full of deep moody and dubby house cuts that I was playing pretty heavily at that time. This one was aimed purely at the mind more than the feet. Enjoy!

Mark E Quark - Sorted, 1992

This promotional dj mix was originally recorded in the Fall of 1992. Cover design was a collaborative effort between Jonathan Wells of Statik & myself. I grabbed the images from a DJ magazine article on DJ CHOCI/DIY parties in Nottingham and I thought they captured the mood that I was trying to create with the music perfectly. Just check out the girls 'feelin' it' and you'll see what I mean. Jonathan then did the layout and design in Quarkxpress. We definitely had a lot of fun putting this one together. This mix tape was mastered from a 1st generation copy donated by Kelli & Craig Moreno.
Sorted - Side 1

Sorted - Side 2

Download - Side 2