Friday, March 11, 2011

Mark E Quark - Food, 1992

Here it is, my most requested tape ever! This was released not too long after I played the first & now legendary Narnia party. Funny background story - I was never officially booked to play the first Narnia party but I was told I could play if Doc Martin was a no show. Guess what? Doc never showed up. Thanks Doc! I went on after Michael Cook right at sunrise and I played much of the music that is featured on this tape. From that point I would be booked as the "sunrise dj" for many years to come. Remastered from a first generation copy & uploaded for your listening pleasure. Cover design & layout by Jonathan Wells of Statik & myself.

Mark E Quark - Food, 1992 - Side 1*Download*

Mark E Quark - Food, 1992 - Side 2 *Download*


  1. Thanks for making this available! Been in San Diego since '94 and have heard you throw down some sick sets at SOMA and Playskool. Keep doing what you're doing!

  2. Heard you play many times back in the mid 90's in utah....
    Chris Sick always regarded you as one of the best house djs and this mix is the reason why!!!
    I downloaded it years ago online and played it til the tape broke and have always wanted a new copy of this mix. it is one of my top 5 house mixes with classics like the slam remix of sunscream,the grid - figure of 8(holy BAMF track) nush, chaz damier ect.
    you should put together the tracklist for this, i have about 70% of the tunes but there are some id like to ID, like the one that says "everybody get funky"

    Truly Classic Mix Mark : )